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Year Four

This is an archive page. For the current year's festival, please visit our main page.

The fourth annual Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival (ALIFFF 2019) was held in the 3rd Street Theater at the Phoenix Center for the Arts over the weekend of Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October, 2019.

Logo by Marty Freetage. Postcard by Jason Drotman.


Tickets were $50 in advance ($60 at the door) and parking, popcorn and lunch was free.
The venue ran a bar. We ran the usual concessions, plus hot dogs and coffee.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a film for doing so!

Thank you to the filmmakers who attended and took part in Q&As:

Thomas & Mayra Bernos (Wanderboy)
Carlos Cortes (Bear with Me)
Wylie Herman (Grand View Blvd)

Thank you to our panel of judges for 2019:

Marc Ciccarone (2019), co-owner of dark fiction publisher Bloodbound Books.
Kevin R. Phipps (2019), writer, producer, director and actor and in-demand Meisner acting coach at The Artist's Box.
Dineta Williams-Trigg (2019), writer, producer, director and actor and film festival director of A Night of Misfit Films.


Our competition films fought it out for these awards, created and designed by the ever-fantastic Tom Deadstuff!

Honorable mentions went to The Tangle, Séance,
The Summoned, I Can and No Easy Target.


Congratulations to our 2019 winners!

Best Horror Short
Competitive Mourning (USA, Kevin Beauchamp & Mando Lopez)

Best Science Fiction Short
Deliver (Mexico, Ricardo Farias)

Best Other Short
Wanderboy (USA, Thomas Bernos)

Best Feature
Grand View Blvd (USA, Spencer McCall)

Festival Director's Award
Pinki (South Korea, Spike Hyunsuk Kim)

Watch the video acceptances:
Spike Hyunsuk Kim (Pinki) (mov, 25 MB)


Doors opened at 10.00am on each day, with the first set beginning at 10.30am.



Set Start Time End Time Length Set Start Time End Time Length
Sci-Fi Shorts A 10.30am 12.01pm 91:21 Under ConTroll 10.30am 12.02pm 92:25
Automation 12.15pm 1.46pm 91:00 Horror Shorts B 12.15pm 1:46pm 91:41
Other Shorts A 2.00pm 3.30pm 90:36 Grand View Blvd 2.00pm 3.29pm 89:11
Lunch 3.30pm 4.00pm 30:00 Lunch 3.30pm 4.00pm 30:00
The Tangle 4.00pm 5.39pm 99:18 Sci-Fi Shorts B 4.00pm 5.15pm 90:47
Horror Shorts A 5.55pm 7.25pm 90:58 My Demons Never Swore Solitude 5.45pm 7.11pm 86:27
Artik 7.40pm 8.53pm 73:37 Other Shorts C 7.30pm 9.01pm 91:33
Other Shorts B 9.10pm 10.41pm 91:27 Awards 9.10pm 9.30pm 20:00


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ALIFFF 2019 included 6 feature films from 3 countries.

Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Automation 2019 Garo Setian USA 91:00 Arizona première
The Tangle 2018 Christopher Soren Kelly USA 99:18 Arizona première
Artik 2018 Tom Botchii USA 73:37 no
Under ConTroll 2019 Eric Hordes India 92:25 Arizona première
Grand View Blvd 2018 Spencer McCall USA 99:11 Arizona première
My Demons Never Swore Solitude 2017 Jorge Leyva Mexico 86:27


91:00, USA, dir: Garo Setian
Saturday, 12.15pm

When a prototype automated worker robot named Auto has proven successful on the night shift at Alert Insulation, plans are put in motion to replace almost all the human employees with the next generation of robots—but to Auto's dismay, he is also to be replaced by the new and improved robots—something he refuses to accept, and takes murderous action to prevent.

The Tangle

99:18, USA, dir: Christopher Soren Kelly
Saturday, 4.00pm

In the near future, the Tangle connects the world. A secret government agency watches over the Tangle from within technology safe rooms, locations impermeable to the nanobots that make up the Tangle. When field agent Margot Foster is murdered in one of these rooms, it's the first murder in California in three years.

Official trailer at YouTube.


73:37, USA, dir: Tom Botchii
Saturday, 7.40pm

A comic book obsessed serial killer's sinister plan to train his son to be his replacement is interrupted when the young boy lures a well-meaning stranger, Holton, back to their secluded farm threatening to expose their families terrifying secret.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Under ConTroll

92:25, India, dir: Eric Hordes
Sunday, 10.30am

Through the excavation of an old statue, a troll that had been banished into it is accidentally brought back to life. Set free, it possesses the body of a luscious blonde as a disguise. His plan is to open a portal to another dimension in order to unleash hideous creatures upon the Earth.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Grand View Blvd

89:11, USA, dir: Spencer McCall
Sunday, 2.00pm

An ex cult-guru attempts to make amends for his past transgressions by hiring a failed workplace-conduct videographer to tell his highly subjective life story.

My Demons Never Swore Solitude

86:27, Mexico, dir: Jorge Leyva
Sunday, 5.45pm

Set in 1854 at a cabin near to the Arizona border, where a gold-panner and his wife are haunted by a figure of a man she believes to be a demon. Convinced that she is cheating on him with another settler, he roams the countryside in his pursuit.

Official trailer at Vimeo.


ALIFFF 2019 included seven sets of short films.

Sci-Fi Shorts A

The Sci-Fi Shorts A set ran 91:21 and included 7 films from 5 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Blink 2018 Benjamin Anderson & Sawyer Purman USA 6:05 Arizona première
Deliver 2018 Ricardo Farias Mexico 8:00 Arizona première
The Body Client 2018 Alexander Frank Germany 20:06 Arizona première
Pinki 2018 Spike Hyunsuk Kim South Korea 10:40 Arizona première
Caronte 2017 Luis Pineda Spain 15:52 no
Simulation 2019 Hashem Al-Ghaili Germany 23:32 US première
This is Fine 2019 Roth Rind USA 7:06 Arizona première

3:54, USA, dirs: Benjamin Anderson & Sawyer Purman
Saturday, 10.30am

Blink is a short film telling the story of the first manned mission to Jupiter, and the fate of the crew who venture into the eye of the great red storm.


8:00, Mexico, dir: Ricardo Farias
Saturday, 10.30am

In the near future. Humanity is on the edge of extinction and survival has become a perverse game. A couple travels somewhere unknown to make a trade-off. What they'll exchange is a mystery, but, what they will receive in return could save them. What is this couple willing to sacrifice in order to survive?

The Body Client

20:06, Germany, dir: Alexander Frank
Saturday, 10.30am

Unable to pay back his student loans, a young man is hunted down by the Citizens Financing Office, which gives him one way to escape imprisonment: offer his services to the Body Client.


10:40, South Korea, dir: Spike Hyunsuk Kim
Saturday, 10.30am

In a back street, a scrap monster makes a sudden lunge at a man. A pink-haired girl helps him, and their future is down to whether he remembers her or not.


15:52, Spain, dir: Luis Pineda
Saturday, 10.30am

Debbie is rude with her own family. But after a dramatic car accident, she starts to regret about the way she behaved with them. Unexpectedly, Debbie's story connects with Arsys's, an experienced military and space fighter pilot who tries to survive a huge space battle which takes place on other time... another galaxy... another universe.

Official trailer at Vimeo.


23:32, Germany, dir: Hashem Al-Ghaili
Saturday, 10.30am

An advanced alien civilization builds a simulated reality where infinite beings, including humans, are imprisoned.

Official trailer at YouTube.

This is Fine

7:06, USA, dir: Roth Rind
Saturday, 10.30am

A meteor is hurtling towards Earth, and there's nothing we can do to stop its imminent impact. For three ex-best friends, that might be the best thing that's ever happened to them.

Other Shorts A

The Other Shorts A set ran 90:36 and included 9 films from 4 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Not Your Day 2018 George Meyers USA 5:36 Arizona première
I Don't Want to Be Alone 2018 Sergio Rozas Spain 10:12 Arizona première
Straw, Wood and Brick 2019 Companyia Mec Mec Spain 8:32 Arizona première
The Third Man 2018 Andrés Daniel Sainz Hernando Spain 14:10 North American première
Removal Process 2019 Samuel Scott Canada 4:26 World première
Wanderboy 2019 Thomas Bernos USA 16:28 Arizona première
Capitán Kinesis 2018 Carlos Jofre Spain 10:52 Arizona première
Draw Your Gun 2018 Wouter Jansen Netherlands 15:21 no
I Can 2019 Diana Elizabeth Jordan USA 4:59 Arizona première

Not Your Day

5:36, USA, dir: George Meyers
Saturday, 2.00pm

Vic is having a really bad day. It gets even worse when a carjacker decides to jump into Vic's car and control his destiny. But the balance of power can change very quickly sometimes, and by the end of the ride the carjacker is the one having a really bad day.

I Don't Want to Be Alone

10:12, Spain, dir: Sergio Rozas
Saturday, 2.00pm

A lonely girl walks around a future Tokyo chased by weird huge monsters. Even though she fights them, the monsters just keep growing in size and number so the girl has to make a decision.

Straw, Wood and Brick

8:32, Spain, dir: Companyia Mec Mec
Saturday, 2.00pm

We all know the story of the three little pigs... Maybe now is the time for his revenge...

Official trailer at YouTube.

The Third Man

14:10, Spain, dir: Andrés Daniel Sainz Hernando
Saturday, 2.00pm

An old town. The night with its lights, its shadows, its deafening silence. A man walks down the empty streets. Someone follows him. A chase begins...

Official trailer at Vimeo.

Removal Process

4:26, Canada, dir: Samuel Scott
Saturday, 2.00pm

An online conspiracy theorist waits for his latest video to export but begins to suspect he's being watched.


16:28, USA, dir: Thomas Bernos
Saturday, 2.00pm

At death's door and ready for his final voyage, old Ben is visited by Paco, the imaginary friend he grew out of long ago. Ben cannot see nor hear him anymore, but the boy won't give up and will follow his old buddy till the end of the road—to mysterious islands or fantastic worlds?—where it leads matters not.

Capitán Kinesis

10:52, Spain, dir: Carlos Jofre
Saturday, 2.00pm

Sebastián is a retired superhero who lives alone in a small flat. He leads a quiet life and it's ages since he last used his superpowers, but an unexpected visit puts his world at risk and he will be forced to defend it.

Draw Your Gun

15:21, Netherlands, dir: Wouter Jansen
Saturday, 2.00pm

Enter the bleakest place in the ugly sad and forgotten sewers of the old west. A ghost-town where the scent of anything good seems to be long gone. When local artist Luc le Blanc draws the portrait of his enemy on a wanted poster, a chain reaction of killings and fraudulence is started.

Official trailer at Vimeo.

I Can

4:59, USA, dir: Diana Elizabeth Jordan
Saturday, 2.00pm

I Can follows Ellie our heroine as she is emotionally bombarded by friends, family and her mentor to see if she is strong enough to face an unstoppable foe, herself.

Horror Shorts A

The Horror Shorts A set ran 90:58 and included 6 films from 5 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
The Greeting 2019 Michael Ricci USA 9:52 Arizona première
Drops 2018 Sergio Morcillo Spain 14:35 Arizona première
Atomic Ed 2018 Nicolas Hugon France 11:50 Arizona première
Stalag III-C 2019 Jason Rogan Belarus 11:50 Arizona première
Virus 2018 Gabriel Kaluszynski France 21:49 Arizona première
The Host 2018 Pawel Son Ngo Poland 15:00 Arizona première

The Greeting

9:52, USA, dir: Michael Ricci
Saturday, 5.55pm

Something terrifying has happened in a remote midwestern town. Two mysterious scientists search for answers.

Official trailer at Vimeo.


14:35, Spain, dir: Sergio Morcillo
Saturday, 5.55pm

Marta is a teenager whose parents died two years ago. One night, while alone at home, she will discover the truth about the pain that is tormenting her.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Atomic Ed

11:50, France, dir: Nicolas Hugon
Saturday, 5.55pm

Ed, an introverted and passionate DIY man, is, despite himself, the favorite victim of Mark, the neighborhood motorcycle gang leader. His only friend, Gus, tries in vain to push him to rebel and conquer the heart of the beautiful Julia. The day when the body of one of the members of Mark's band is found horribly mutilated, the events rush, the gang lash out on Ed. Ed has no choice but to take responsibility and an improvised weapon to become the one he has always dreamed of being.

Official trailer at Vimeo.

Stalag III-C

11:50, Belarus, dir: Jason Rogan
Saturday, 5.55pm

In the final days of World War II, US paratrooper Joe Boyd leads a daring escape from a Nazi POW camp, only to face a more horrifying evil beyond the prison walls.

Official trailer at Vimeo.


21:49, France, dir: Gabriel Kaluszynski
Saturday, 5.55pm

In a pre-apocalyptic world where the Earth is dying, Stéphane, recently returned to his hometown, has only one idea in mind: find his daughter in the north. And for that, he does human trafficking with his childhood friend Driss. The latter, knowing that Stéphane needs money to cross, offers him a last move to recover a large sum of money. Sell a mysterious mute girl to a dangerous man.

Official trailer at Vimeo.

The Host

15:00, Poland, dir: Pawel Son Ngo
Saturday, 5.55pm

Two women who conduct meteorite research rent a room at a single man's house in a secluded location. Day by day their interaction and behaviours become stranger. Is it the influence of the secret finding or a sign of some hidden motives? Within a few days their lives will change completely.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Other Shorts B

The Other Shorts B set ran 91:27 and included 9 films from 5 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
2001: A Space OdysSEX 2018 Hikaru Tsukuda Japan 3:37 North American première
Competitive Mourning 2019 Kevin Beauchamp & Mando Lopez USA 4:15 Arizona première
Yes But No 2018 María Dioni Mexico 4:35 Arizona première
Actuary 2019 MK Hill USA 7:20 Arizona première
Conspiracy Party 2019 H. Nelson Tracey USA 7:55 Arizona première
Five Course Meal 2018 James Cadden Canada 7:22 Arizona première
Pipe 2018 Max Isaacson USA 11:58 Arizona première
Stigma 2018 David Velduque Spain 14:59 Arizona première
Escape from North Korea 2019 Keith Eng USA 29:26 Arizona première

2001: A Space OdysSEX

3:37, Japan, dir: Hikaru Tsukuda
Saturday, 9.10pm

A fossil of tissue paper is discovered in Africa. A professor says that a male ape used the tissue for masturbation. His assistant raises an objection. They get in a fight. Finally, the truth becomes clear.

Competitive Mourning

4:15, USA, dir: Kevin Beauchamp & Mando Lopez
Saturday, 9.10pm

A man stalks his prey on the streets of Los Angeles, but on this occasion picks the wrong person to mess with.

Yes But No

4:35, Mexico, dir: María Dioni
Saturday, 9.10pm

Josefina is fed up. Guilty or not, Juan will pay.


7:20, USA, dir: MK Hill
Saturday, 9.10pm

An android that can predicts people's date of death is suspected of murder.

Conspiracy Party

7:55, USA, dir: H. Nelson Tracey
Saturday, 9.10pm

A guy invites a girl he's recently started dating to his friend Ozzy's apartment for a party. Unbeknownst to him, it's a "Conspiracy Party".

Five Course Meal

7:22, Canada, dir: James Cadden
Saturday, 9.10pm

Mark and Jenny agree to take part in a mysterious experiment for money. Things get exceptionally messy. Based on the short story by Josh Saltzman.

Official trailer at YouTube.


11:58, USA, dir: Max Isaacson
Saturday, 9.10pm

When Pup, a young girl living on the fringe of a bombed out town, finds a dead body washed up on the beach she brings it home to give it a proper burial. But other people have plans for the body and Pup's refusal to give it up brings hell down upon she and her father's heads.


14:59, Spain, dir: David Velduque
Saturday, 9.10pm

It's friday night, the bell rings and Alex opens the door to the worst of his fears.

Official trailer at Vimeo.

Escape from North Korea

29:26, USA, dir: Keith Eng
Saturday, 9.10pm

In a distant 1980's future, America's last ninja must rescue the president's daughter from the supreme leader of neo North Korea.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Horror Shorts B

The Horror Shorts B set ran 91:41 and included 6 films from 6 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Deliria 2018 Tomas Stark Sweden 8:02 Arizona première
Swipe 2019 Niels Bourgonje Netherlands 5:48 Arizona première
Séance 2019 Johannes Franke Germany 25:21 Arizona première
The Summoned 2018 Matthias Couquet France 29:58 Arizona première
The Knowledge 2019 Alexander Osman UK 13:59 Arizona première
The Rejected 2019 Onur Doğan Turkey 8:33 Arizona première


8:02, Sweden, dir: Tomas Stark
Sunday, 12.15pm

A slow, hot summer afternoon. A father sleeps while his child is drawing with pencils in a crossword puzzle. A wind moves through the grass—something bad is about to happen.

Official trailer at Vimeo.


5:48, Netherlands, dir: Niels Bourgonje
Sunday, 12.15pm

A girl finds out that she has a match on a dating app with a stranger, despite swiping him to the left moments ago. She starts to fear that the man is dangerously close to her.

Official trailer at Vimeo.


25:21, Germany, dir: Johannes Franke
Sunday, 12.15pm

Mentalist Erik Svenson and his medium Eva Brandt specialize in classic ghost summons for private and social occasions. Although Eva seems to have been exhausted for weeks now, Erik drages her from one séance to the next, since their performances have turned out to be a lucrative business. On this evening their job leads them to Jochen Buchholz, who has inherited the house of his grandmother and wants to surprise some of his friends with a true ghost summon. They are skeptical, expect a harmless trick show off and a fun evening. Given the unsettling energies in the house, Eva is increasingly insecure about whether the séance at this strange place is a good idea.

The Summoned

29:58, France, dir: Matthias Couquet
Sunday, 12.15pm

Paris, 1920. Four veterans of the Great War painfully try to recover from this dreadful experience. But for them, the horror is only beginning. For in the midst of their dreams, a dark and sinister entity has arisen...

The Knowledge

13:59, UK, dir: Alexander Osman
Sunday, 12.15pm

It's a dark night in London 1991 and there's a serial killer on the loose. Two men go about their business oblivious to the dangers at large when fate brings them together in a black taxi. This seemingly random encounter sparks an escalating feud that leads to a brutal and devastating finale as our loyalties plunge first one way and then the other.

Official trailer at Vimeo.

The Rejected

8:33, Turkey, dir: Onur Doğan
Sunday, 12.15pm

A woman who lives alone at home wants to get rid of her unborn baby by applying an abortion. But that won't be as easy as she thinks.

Sci-Fi Shorts B

The Sci-Fi Shorts B set ran 90:47 and included 7 films from 6 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Genesys One 2019 Cesar Turturro Argentina 12:30 North American première
Bear with Me 2018 Carlos Cortes USA 16:13 Arizona première
Mens Sana 2018 Ludovica Musumeci UK 14:30 Arizona première
Better Strangers 2019 Riley Dayne Canada 2:30 Arizona première
Iris 2019 Paige Miltenberger USA 10:49 Arizona première
In Her Image 2018 Nikoloz Kevkhishvili Georgia 19:54 no
Hot Knife Cold Butter 2019 Zaina Salameh Qatar 14:21 no

Genesys One

12:30, Argentina, dir: Cesar Turturro
Sunday, 4.00pm

In 1974, a scientist, who was hired to design one of the most powerful and destructive war machines in history, has the task of sending a message to space trying to describe humanity as a peaceful race that only seeks to answer that question. Are we alone in the universe?

Official trailer at Vimeo.

Bear with Me

16:13, USA, dir: Carlos Cortes
Sunday, 4.00pm

A rusty, nursing robot must decide between dragging his former patient, who is dressed as a bear, back to the hospital, or let him catch a glimpse of the horizon in the wilderness.

Mens Sana

14:30, UK, dir: Ludovica Musumeci
Sunday, 4.00pm

A scientist, Joyce, searches for a cure against 'Statera'—an android parasite able to control human consciousness. However, an unexpected revelation forces Joyce to question everything she knows about herself and the world she lives in.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Better Strangers

2:30, Canada, dir: Riley Dayne
Sunday, 4.00pm

Ethan and Sam meet at a bar after using new dating app, their night is unforgettable, one for the ages. But is this first date really what it seems?


10:49, USA, dir: Paige Miltenberger
Sunday, 4.00pm

A sci-fi drama following a woman's experience after a personal tragedy as she struggles to keep herself together by throwing herself into creating the first fully sentient artificial intelligence, regardless of the toll it takes.

In Her Image

19:54, Georgia, dir: Nikoloz Kevkhishvili
Sunday, 4.00pm

A desperate mother descends deeper into the labyrinth of virtual reality, willing to sacrifice everything to rescue her son from a familiar kidnapper.

Official trailer at Vimeo.

Hot Knife Cold Butter

14:21, Qatar, dir: Zaina Salameh
Sunday, 4.00pm

A young man infatuated with the 'vintage' phenomenon of romance is caught in an era of clinical matchmaking. But will his faith in the natural human expression of love reverse his world's engineered laws of genetic compatibility?

Other Shorts C

The Other Shorts C set ran 91:33 and included 7 films from 4 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Who You Are: The Commercial 2018 Joel Jay Blacker USA 4:45 Arizona première
The Arrow Falls 2019 Jeremy Garcia USA 12:22 Arizona première
Beyond Us: A Last Story After the Collapse 2019 Maxime Tiberghien France 4:39 Arizona première
Troll Bridge 2019 Daniel Knight Australia 15:54 Arizona première
No Easy Target 2019 Orion James Couling USA 16:06 Arizona première
Cold Storage 2016 Thomas Freundlich Finland 8:46 no
The Widow 2018 Brendan Young Australia 29:01 no

Who You Are: The Commercial

4:45, USA, dir: Joel Jay Blacker
Sunday, 7.30pm

The accidental invention of an asshole AI spells trouble for a tech startup in the late 80's. In The Commercial Daryl and Jonathan, two computer engineers, prepare for the launch of their product, a sentient machine that can read souls, by attempting to film a commercial. The machine proves difficult to work with, forcing them to find a compromise.

The Arrow Falls

12:22, USA, dir: Jeremy Garcia
Sunday, 7.30pm

In a desolate future a mother and daughter try not just to stay alive but keep their relationship intact.

Beyond Us: A Last Story After the Collapse

4:39, France, dir: Maxime Tiberghien
Sunday, 7.30pm

What will we leave behind after the collapse? We think that if we disappear the earth will be safe again... It is not true. Beyond Us is a journey through our masterpiece of Desolation..

Troll Bridge

15:54, Australia, dir: Daniel Knight
Sunday, 7.30pm

An old barbarian and his talking horse embark on a suicidal quest to battle a bridge troll. Troll Bridge is a live-action/hand animated hybrid, lovingly crafted from the Discworld fairy-tale by Sir Terry Pratchett.

Official trailer at YouTube.

No Easy Target

16:06, USA, dir: Orion James Couling
Sunday, 7.30pm

The First Order continues to rule the galaxy with an iron will. The Resistance, broken and splintered, holds on to the last pieces of hope. Yet on a far off moon of the galaxy, hope lives among the people in a small colony. This small colony escaped from the strict rules and ways of being to create a new home that welcomes all people of all abilities. They are resilient, they are strong, and they are No Easy Target.

No Easy Target is a Star Wars Fan Film featuring actors with Down Syndrome alongside their peers. The diversity in the film reveals a galaxy rejected society. Let your expectations be blown away as the Jedi show the universe how capable they really are by being resilient, strong, and fighting to bridge the social gap. In this revolution of inclusion, you too can witness the first time a Star Wars fan film features main action characters with actors who have Down Syndrome.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Cold Storage

8:46, Finland, dir: Thomas Freundlich
Sunday, 7.30pm

Cold Storage is a short dance film that pays homage to the virtuosic physical performances and melancholy comedy of the classic silent screen. On a desolate arctic shore, a lonely fisherman discovers his prehistoric counterpart frozen in the ice, and thaws him out as his newfound soul brother.

Official trailer at Vimeo.

The Widow

29:01, Australia, dir: Brendan Young
Sunday, 7.30pm

Set in Melbourne, Australia in 1965, a Sicilian widow fights for her life when members of the local Calabrian mafia murder her husband and try to seize control of his produce business.

Official trailer at Vimeo.

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