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Year Two: 2017

The second annual Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival (ALIFFF 2017) was held in the 3rd Street Theater at the Phoenix Center for the Arts on Sunday, 15th October, 2017.


Tickets were only $30 and parking, popcorn and lunch (catered by Jimmy John's) was free.
The venue ran a bar and concession stand.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a film for doing so!

Thank you to the filmmakers who attended and took part in Q&As:

Mirjam Clement and Howard Berger (Waking a Monster)
Corey Schubert (Remnants)
Richard Joel (The Candle)
Adam A. Losurdo and Chris Stival (Hope)
Adolpho Navarro (Better Not Pout)
Lázaro Hernández (Fixing)
Greg Joseph (Ritual)

Thank you to our panel of judges for 2017:

James A. Lee, from Filmstock Film Festival
David Stipes, Primetime Emmy-winning VFX artist
Chris Wilembrecht, from Cult Film in Review and Maxim Media Marketing


Our competition films fought it out for these awards, created and designed by the ever-fantastic Tom Deadstuff!

Honorable mentions went to Hope and Breaker.


Congratulations to our 2017 winners:

Best Horror Short
Creatures of Whitechapel (UK, Jonathan Martin)

Best Science Fiction Short
Fugazi (Belgium, Laurent Michelet)

Best Other Short
Please Love Me Forever (France, Holy Fatma)

Best Feature
Patient 62 (Canada, Bryce Schlamp & Rick Anthony)

Festival Director's Award
The Ningyo (USA, Miguel Ortega)

Toni Ross kindly added to those awards again. Each winner gained automatic submission into the Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival in 2018.
Thanks, Toni!

Watch the video acceptances:
Holy Fatma (Please Love Me Forever) (mov, 10 MB)
Rick Anthony & Bryce Schlamp (Patient 62) (mp4, 16 MB)


Click on the awards above or any image below to see a larger version.


We had a tight schedule:

Set Start Time End Time Length
Opening Shorts 10.00am 11.30am 90:23
Patient 62 11.45am 1.06pm 80:44
Horror Shorts 1.21pm 2.50pm 89:18
Lunch 2.50pm 3.20pm 30:00
Prairie Dog 3.20pm 4.54pm 93:37
Science Fiction Shorts 5.10pm 6.41pm 90:57
Fags in the Fast Lane 6.57pm 8.26pm 89:00
Closing Shorts 8.41pm 10.12pm 90:49
Windy West Tribute 10.12pm 10.31pm 18:20
Awards 10.36pm 10.46pm 10:00


ALIFFF 2017 featured 3 features from 2 countries:

Title Year Director Location Length Première?
Patient 62 2016 Bryce Schlamp & Rick Anthony Canada 80:44 Arizona première
Prairie Dog 2015 C. Blake Evernden Canada 93:37 no
Fags in the Fast Lane 2017 Josh Sinbad Collins Australia 89:00 Arizona première

Patient 62

80:44, Canada, dirs: Bryce Schlamp & Rick Anthony

Wracked by nightmares as he searches for his estranged sister, Lucas Chance stumbles upon a ring of human trafficking and genetic experimentation only to realize the dreams he's having are not his own.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Prairie Dog

93:37, Canada, dir: C. Blake Evernden

A lone sheriff in the vast lands and valleys of Brada County is confronted with a dual mystery. A pair of sociopathic criminals being chased across the plains have disappeared, and reports keep surfacing of a large, shadowed animal roaming the farmlands of the county. With the assistance of an environmental consultant and the mayor of the nearby town of Sombra Hollow, the sheriff races to find the connection between the mysteries that haunt the valleys of Brada County.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Fags in the Fast Lane

89:00, Australia, dir: Josh Sinbad Collins

When Beau and his herculean sidekick set off to avenge a spree of violent attacks on his fellow gays, he is waylaid on a vital mission for his beloved mama, Kitten, when her GILF bordello is robbed by the giantess leader of a grotesque burlesque show. With the help of a lethal cross dressing Persian Princess and a Bollywood eunuch assassin, this unlikely team of avengers set off to retrieve the lost booty in a full-throttle, rock n roll feast of camp destruction and dangerous dance numbers. Will they be able to recover Kitten's beloved jewels and magical golden phallus? They'd better!

Featuring Kitten Natividad, King Khan and El Vez and with music from Sugar Fed Leopards, Hot Wings, Men from SPECTRE, The Seven Ups and The Gogo Goddesses.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Opening Shorts

The Opening Shorts set ran 90:23 and included 6 films from 3 countries:

Title Year Director Location Length Première?
My Life is a Dream 2015 Brian Benson USA 7:43 no
Waking a Monster 2017 Mirjam Clement USA 19:55 Arizona première
The Night Shift 2015 Adam Gold USA 17:15 no
Flow 2017 Shelagh Rowan-Legg UK 5:13 Arizona première
Up and Arise 2016 Raanan Berger Israel 21:29 Arizona première
Bride of Frankie 2017 Devi Snively USA 18:48 Arizona première

My Life is a Dream

7:44, USA, dir: Brian Benson

Perky Cousin Wonderlette never imagined she'd meet the man of her dreams so when her dreams turn into nightmares she's not so surprised. In this dark comedy, we follow sweet Wonderlette on a disturbing journey to creepy places where she encounters demented housewives, greedy swine, sexual deviants, and worse, her drunk mother.

Waking a Monster: Psalms from a Dreamer

19:55, USA, dir: Mirjam Clement

Saved by monsters! The Academy Awards® winning special-efx makeup artist Howard Berger turns into a puppet in Mirjam's first film.

Waking a Monster is a personal reflection of the early years in a man's life, visualized by his wife. Told in his own words, we are entering the mind of someone's lifelong fascination for the classic movie monsters and the incidents in life that defined, inspired and shaped him.

Waking a Monster combines a variation of genres in its expression. Containing elements from fiction-film, documentary and with a meta aspect this film unfolds with mixed media techniques from traditional puppeteering to animated illustrations.

Official trailer at Vimeo.

The Night Shift

17:15, USA, dir: Adam Gold

Peter's first shift on the overnight crew of a dystopian orphanage takes on a new reality when he's asked to perform his duties.

Official trailer at YouTube.


5:13, UK, dir: Shelagh Rowan-Legg

When two women rebels are involved in a skirmish, they have more to argue about than the enemy...

Up and Arise

21:29, Israel, dir: Raanan Berger

Likey is a man who was raised by his Master as a dog. When he succeeds to escape from his Master's home, he discovers that the outside world conducts itself differently than we would aspect.

Official trailer at Vimeo.

Bride of Frankie

18:48, USA, dir: Devi Snively

In this darkly comedic feminist nod to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, a not-so-mad scientist builds a mate for her mentor's lonely creation with electrifying, and deadly, results.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Horror Shorts

The Horror Shorts set ran 89:18 and included 7 films from 4 countries:

Title Year Director Location Length Première?
Murder Springs: Chapter One 2016 Adam Van Dyke USA 4:32 Arizona première
Remnants 2016 David Ugarte Arizona 15:52 no
The Candle 2017 René Ashton USA 8:54 Arizona première
Hope 2016 Adam A. Losurdo Norway 10:35 no
Cruel Forgiveness 2016 Fabio Colonna Mexico 13:29 no
Better Not Pout 2017 Adolpho Navarro Arizona 8:40 Arizona première
Please Love Me Forever 2016 Holy Fatma France 27:16 no

Murder Springs: Chapter One

4:32, USA, dir: Adam Van Dyke

An elderly couple rekindle their lost spark over a grisly driving accident.


15:52, Arizona, dir: David Ugarte

Two homicide detectives and a medical examiner are dispatched to handle the worst crime scene in a suburban neighborhood's history. Among the remains of a butchered family, the detectives find evidence of a crime so horrific that remnants of an unspeakable evil still lurk in the home.

The Candle

8:54, USA, dir: René Ashton

Ryder makes a wish for all of her dreams to come true, but she didn't realize it included her nightmares.

Official trailer at Vimeo.


10:35, Norway, dir: Adam A. Losurdo

A senseless wandering ghoul roaming the world full of the hunger-less undead and hateful humans will soon discover a craving, leaving him completely and utterly without hope.

After a mysterious disease struck society, poor Karl, like the rest of his kind, became one of the many outcasts in the modern world. While most folks went about their everyday lives, eventually accepting and ignoring the timid zombies themselves, those that became hostile towards the infected, faced no true consequences.

Until... all hope was gone.

Official trailer at Vimeo

Cruel Forgiveness

13:29, Mexico, dir: Fabio Colonna

Diego lived with his mother and aunt in a gothic mansion in Mexico. One day he founds her dead mother in the bathtub, apparently it was a suicide. Her aunt starts to take care of him, and mysteriously Diego starts getting sick. The ghost of his dead mother starts hunting him just to let him know the truth about her death and warn him his life's in danger.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Better Not Pout

8:40, Arizona, dir: Adolpho Navarro

A cursed doll and his friends invade a family for Christmas but encounter a rude awakening from some unsuspecting children of the house.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Please Love Me Forever

27:16, France, dir: Holy Fatma

In a surreal world, Lili, a 14-year-old albino, lives alone with her mother Claudie (50) who over-protects her from the outside world. Obsessed with her own appearance; Claudie regularly replaces aging parts of her face, alone in her operating lab, while Lili dreams of Lyesse, her 16 year-old handsome neighbor. But scared by so much love, Lyesse gently pushes her away. Devastated, she decides to operate on his heart to understand why he doesn't love her...

Official trailer at Vimeo or YouTube.

Science Fiction Shorts

The Science Fiction Shorts set ran 90:57 and included 5 films from 5 countries:

Title Year Director Location Length Première?
818 2017 Claude Lahr Luxembourg 20:58 North America première
Keymoment 2016 Martin Lukas Germany 20:00 Arizona première
Fixing 2017 Lázaro Hernández USA 4:50 World première
Fugazi 2017 Laurent Michelet Belgium 28:40 Arizona première
Adam Peiper 2015 Mónica Mateo Spain 16:29 Arizona première


20:58, Luxembourg, dir: Claude Lahr

IT engineer Jack is sent by the General Staff to join a high ranking officer at the control center '818' and take over the task he has been fulfilling for the past years. Under his new tutor's tight surveillance, Jack learns how to operate a power that lies beyond his imagination...


20:00, Germany, dir: Martin Lukas

Anna, a young physics student who suddenly finds herself in an interrogation room, is saved by a strange man from the future. He tells her that she will invent a new form of energy and tries to convince her that this invention is bad for humanity. After that Anna is facing the biggest decision of her life.

Note: Keymoment was scheduled but didn't screen for technical reasons. To compensate, it was screened the following year instead.


5:00, USA, dir: Lázaro Hernández

A sci-fi drama film about the beginning of a romantic relationship between a woman scientist and a robot. She's cold and cinical, he's more human than her.


28:30, Belgium, dir: Laurent Michelet

2039: Adele has been working for more than 3 years on Orbit Defence, a space station in charge of Earth security using drone pilots. Today, is her last routine mission, before she returns home to meet her family, especially her daughter. Without taking Murphy's Law into account...

Official trailer at Vimeo or YouTube.

Adam Peiper

16:29, Spain, dir: Mónica Mateo

An enveloper of a tasks depot works tirelessly. What appears to be a dull and machining day will become his worst nightmare.

Official trailer at Vimeo.

Closing Shorts

The Closing Shorts set ran 90:49 and included 6 films from 3 countries:

Title Year Director Location Length Première?
Kansay's Glorious Death 2016 Chris Sagovic USA 0:51 no
Creatures of Whitechapel 2016 Jonathan Martin UK 25:31 no
Breaker 2017 Philippe McKie Japan 10:43 Arizona première
The Survivor 2017 Christopher Carson Emmons USA 11:53 Arizona première
The Ningyo 2017 Miguel Ortega USA 27:02 no
Imbroglio 2017 Christopher Zatta USA 14:49 Arizona première

Kansay's Glorious Death

0:51, USA, dir: Chris Sagovic

Kansay the Spider faces the demigod Tesshin at the Iron Gate. The Spider is one of 99 assassins sent to unleash Hell upon Earth from beyond the grave. Kansay's Glorious Death is the first chapter in Kansay's quest for power and revenge.

Hell 99 follows the separate stories of 99 assassins. Each negotiate a variety of terms to perish from their mortal existence and descend into the many hells to seek out a target so big that it may unravel reality as we know it.

Creatures of Whitechapel

25:31, UK, dir: Jonathan Martin

A brand new vision that brings together some of horror's most iconic characters, Creatures of Whitechapel reveals the monster inside us all in this gothic love story of creation and madness.

Jack the Ripper stalks the streets of London, searching for the perfect victims to help Dr. Frankenstein, her master, bring his Creation to life. However, rumors of Frankenstein's nighttime activities are brewing, and Jack, revealed to be Igor, is tasked with one last foray into the bowels of Victorian London to find the last piece needed to bring Frankenstein's mad vision to life.

But what is life without love?

Official trailer at Vimeo.


10:43, Japan, dir: Philippe McKie

In tomorrow's Tokyo, the technologically-enhanced body of a young mercenary hacker is overrun by a sentient data weapon. Wanted, the parasitic A.I. becomes her only ally as she is chased across the city by those seeking to salvage it.

Official trailer at YouTube.

The Survivor: A Tale from the Nearspace

11:53, USA, dir: Christopher Carson Emmons

In a post apocalyptic word where the air is toxic to breathe, a young boy embarks on a perilous supply run to obtain water and medicine for his ailing mother. With just his toy robot as a companion on his journey, he faces many obstacles, but the real danger is waiting for him back at home.

The Ningyo

27:02, USA, dir: Miguel Ortega

A Faustian tale about losing oneself in the process of achieving our goals.

Episode One: Professor Marlowe finds a piece of a map pointing to the place where the Ningyo, a mythical Japanese creature, could be found. The legend claims whomever consumes its flesh will attain remarkable longevity. He presents the project to his peers, who mock and dismiss him as a fraud. He decides to risk everything and go after the Ningyo on his own in hopes to bring to light what could be one of the greatest contributions to science. What he could not anticipate is that, in his search, he is confronted with a choice that puts the very foundations of his morality to the test.

Official trailer at Vimeo or YouTube.


14:49, USA, dir: Christopher Zatta

Imbroglio is a short action film starring Zoë Bell in which a prisoner swap escalates into all out carnage. On one side, Kyle wants his brother back. On the other, David wants to free his girlfriend. And Anna (Zoë Bell), fueled by a history of bad blood, just wants revenge. As their standoff unfolds, everything goes south for everyone.

Windy West Tribute

The Windy West Tribute set ran 18:20 and included 2 films from here in Arizona. Greg Joseph from Ritual spoke eloquently about Windy.

Title Year Director Location Length Première?
Ritual 2010 Andre Noe USA 7:43 no
The Terminizer Zero 2017 Nikki Legge Arizona 10:37 no


7:43, Arizona, dir: Andre Noe

A beautiful and mysterious woman. A decrepit caretaker. An innocent young boy. A foreboding Castle. What mysteries lurk inside this exotic temptress' manor?

The Terminizer Zero

10:37, Arizona, dirs: Nikki Legge & J. P. Frydrych

It's about a killer robot driving instructor who travels back in time for some reason. His best friend is a talking pie.

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